When Does Ramadan Begin and End in USA and WorldWide

Each community can have it own way or traditions for Ramadan month, but the guidelines are fixed for fasting. Ramadan fasting rules can be easily found on the internet. USA has its own Ramadan timetable 2018, although it also contain precise prayer times with suhoor and Iftar times. Those of cities like New York, ​​Washington, Chicago, or Boston, among others, vary fasting duration by their longitudes in the map. In USA Ramadan 2018 began on May 27th and will end on 24 June after completing 30 days of fasting. We recommend you to checkout Ramadan timetable 2018 USA for fasting, Iftar and Suhoor times for all 30 days of Ramadan month. In the New York City capital, for example, Ramadan first day will start at at 04.12 AM and the hour of iftar occurred at 21.23 PM. In Chicago, USA, the first day of Ramadan began at 05.09 and was suspended at 09.41 hours.

Similarly, in other parts of the planet, obviously, hours vary. In UK, for example, the fasting on the first day began at 03:27 local time and came to an end at 8:35 p.m. Next year, the days and hours will be different.

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